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Ber365: Mobile App, Live and Bingo Review

Lots of online casinos are there, but to get paid after winning an amount, you need to search for the casino that is trustworthy and genuine. So, Bet365 Casino is one of the most trusted online casinos of the world where the players can play different games and can place a bet on different ongoing big tournaments and other games, that is going on.

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Based in the United Kingdom, this casino has captured a lot of customers across the world. In more than 200 countries, this casino has its customers, and the whole customer base is somewhere more than 19 million! This company is one of the biggest private employers in the world!


Ber365 Review


When a company has a huge fan base in more than 200 countries, and lots and lots of people are associated with it, playing with it, placing a bet with the company, winning money through the games and getting that money in their hands, that company cannot be a fraud one!



Huge fandom of this company is enough to certify its authenticity to the world. Ber365 mobile app is certified from Government of Gibraltar, and that is enough to prove the trustworthiness of the company. Lots of people are placing their bets every day and getting paid in return!


Ber365 Games Offered


Ber365 casino games are the main thing offered by this company.  Lots of slots are offered to the beginners. Beginners are comfortable playing slot games. Blackjack is very interesting game. An experienced player can easily win a Blackjack game. Blackjack, Baccarat, etc. are also offered to the players.


Ber365 Casino


Lots of other card games and poker games are available for the players. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world and here players will get a chance to play different versions of this popular game.

American Roulette, European Roulette and lots of table games, different versions of Blackjack and other games are also the USP of this website.


Offering in the Sports Section


As the company is based in the UK, one can guess the biggest tournaments it offered to place a bet on those games! Players can bet on Euro cup and other big football tournaments here.

Different sections for different tournaments and betting options are available. Tennis is one of the popular games for the punters and here players can easily place bets on Tennis games taking place across the globe.

Ber365 Sports Betting

Biggest tournaments like Australian Open and lots of other small tournaments are covered by Ber365 mobile. Almost all ongoing big games are covered by this website, and anyone can place the bet!

Besides these two games, American football, baseball, cycling, cricket, dart games, rugby, pool, golf, boxing, etc. are available here.


Ber365 Bonus Options


Ber365 Italia also offers an online bonus for the players coming to the website for the first time. The welcome bonus is a compulsory thing for the online casinos, but this website is a bit different than the other ones available there. Ber365 offers three types of bonuses with different wagering issues.



The player can choose the one he wants to go with! The first one offers 100%match up to £200, and this is known as a Standard bonus option. The second one is specially prepared for the slot game lovers. Here the player can bag 200% match up to £400. 

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For the first one, you have to play through 20x plus your bonus whereas for the second one the requirement goes up till 30x.

The Third one is known as High Roller or the VIP bonus. Here the player gets 50% match up to £1000. In the case of first two, the minimum deposit amount is £20 and in the case of the third one minimum deposit amount is £400.


Loyalty Program


This point will prove, that Ber365 is seriously different from other casinos out there. It rewards its players with comp points each time they come to the website and start playing.

After the welcome bonus is played and redeemed, the players will get a chance to win such points. With every game, they will get some comp points. After a certain time, when enough amounts are accumulated, they can get cash amount in return of the comp points.




VIP players will get more points in shorter time and in a faster rate than the other players. In different games, different amount of comp points is available. Slot games will earn more comp points than the card games and table games. So, when a player is going to get comp points, he needs to check the table available at the casino.


Software and Game Providers


Lots of game providers mean lots of variety. When a single software developer is there, players will get a chance to play with the same software for months. But when more than one developer is developing software for a particular website, the players will get enough variety and will not get bored with the website.

Playtech is the primary service provider, and lots of other software providers are available. NetEnt, Betsoft, Microgaming, Aristocrat, etc. also develop software for this website. So, the players will get amazing variety on the website with a huge amount of gaming options available for the players.


Customer Support


When a player plays online casino games, he may face a lot of problems. So, he needs help anytime! Ber365 offers a live chat option available for the players from different corners of the world.


Ber365 App


The live chat session is available 24X7, and multiple language options are available for the players from different countries. Telephone calling facility is available. Email facility is also available for the players. Players can also write to the casino at the mentioned address, and the response is very quick from their side.


Ber365 Mobile App


Players can either go to the Ber365 com website and after signing in can start their game. Players can also download the Ber365 mobile app and after signing in can start playing the game.

Both the versions are safe, but before playing the game, the player needs to see whether his country is there in the list of the allowed countries.


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