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How to Play Blackjack? (For Beginners)

It is a known fact, that Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world today. However, as far as beginners are concerned, it is quite likely that many of them may not know, how to always win blackjack?

Hence, it would be better if one comes to know how to play the game and make some money out of it. Today the internet is one of the biggest mediums through which gambling is played today.

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The mobile phone technology is also playing an important role in ensuring that games like baccarat are now available in living rooms and bedrooms. Hence, it is essential that we not only find out answers to the question how to play Blackjack but to master the game and make money in the process.


How to Play Blackjack? (For Beginners)


How to play Blackjack? It’s really simple. The Blackjack is played with the help of a 52-card deck of conventional playing cards.



This is referred to like 21, but most of us would like to call it as Blackjack. This is a player, and a dealer deals ten value cards, and an ace is also dealt with in the first two cards.

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It starts with two cards, and each player should try to get as close to 21 as they possibly can. However, they should not go over 21 failing which they will be losing the round. You are declared a winner if you can beat the dealer.


Blackjack Card Values


When playing this game one should keep in mind a few points. First and foremost, there is no place for jokers as far as Blackjack game is concerned. All cards starting from 2 to 9 will have their own face values. Cards from 10 onwards will have ten as the value.


How To Play Blackjack


Aces could be given values starting from 1 to 11, and the players have the discretion to choose the same. When you have an ace with you, and if you can use a ten-value card and remain within 21 then you end having what is referred to as a soft hand.


Reach a Level of 17 as Early as Possible


The dealers will try and hit till they get to at least 17. When the dealer up card is in the range of 2 to 6 either individually or in bits and lots, they should take the card.

As a player, your aim should be to try and hit as much as possible without going over 21. If you reach 17, it would be best to stop hitting. If you find that you have reached 12 and the dealer has to hit, then it would be prudent to stop.


What Is Double Down in Blackjack?


When you are planning to get the right answer to the question how to play Blackjack for a beginner you must also have some understanding about double down. It is something allows you to opt for a betting an amount which equals your original gambling amount on the draw.



It also comes with a table limit sign. This will help you to find out which two cards you will be allowed to double down in a round. For this to happen there is the need to be aware of the table limit sign which will help you to understand as to which two cards you will be permitted to double down on.

Further, you must also turn the cards to indicate that you have a double down. This is usually done when the wagering person has two cards which have a total of 10 or 11.




If at any point of time the first two cards have the same value, you have the option to split the same and play two separate hands. It could be deuce and deuce just to cite an example.


How To Play Blackjack For Beginners


There is a difference between double down and split which one needs to consider. As far as the split is concerned players can split them and play two separate hands. However, this is not possible in double down. It is allowed only for the amount up to the original betted money.


How to Play Blackjack Successfully?


You have to match the original bet, and the dealer will then handle and deal the cards for you. This will get you started as far as the first hand is concerned. The second hand will be dealt with you on your right. You have the liberty to split and make it into four hands in almost all online and brick and mortar casinos.



There are some casinos which also allow players to go in for double down after the split has been done. This certainly is a good option which the players must not lose sight of.

You also must know how to split aces. However, if you receive a ten on top of an ace your point value will touch 21, and this is not Blackjack. Hence, you must avoid such s situation. You also must be aware that you will not be getting paid for such an arrangement. 




There is something known as surrender which too must be kept in mind. You can exercise this option, but it must be done before the dealer for a Blackjack under ten. They will surrender it late only after the dealer has already peaked in for Blackjack.


High in Popularity


Blackjack is a highly popular game and it certainly is a must in most casinos. The number decks that are used and other house rules might change slightly.

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However, at the end of the day if the casino offers a few variants and types customers and gamers can certainly enjoy playing this game because of the sheer interest and excitement attached to it. 

Playing it online certainly, has its own advantages and benefits. Apart from the advantage of comfort and convenience, the sheer variety which is offered in an online environment is, therefore, all to see.


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