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How to Win on Rainbow Riches Slot Machine?

When it comes to basics in online or brick and mortar gambling, there are reasons to believe, that slot machines are the most popular and they are also the most sought after.

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Slots as a game must be worth a few billion dollars. This is because millions of punters and gamblers look to hit the jackpot though such instances are few and far between. Hence, it would not be a bad idea to know right answers to the question as to how to win on Rainbow Riches slot machine?


How to Win on Slot Machines?


The main reason, why people fail to make big money in slots is because they fail to understand the importance of research. The internet can be extremely helpful in this endeavor. There are dozens of websites which could help you to get a decent idea about the payouts in terms of percentages.



They are different in different casinos, and different slot machines offer various percentages. Getting insider information is extremely important because it will help in taking the right decision based on such percentages.

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Typically, the percentages range anything between 80% and 98%. It always would be better to choose slot machines which offer higher percentages because this will increase the winning odds quite significantly.


Have A Long-Range Plan


If you wish to be a serious slot player you cannot expect an overnight windfall. Yes, it might happen but only for a few of those who are fortunate. Hence, if you are keen on getting the right answer to the question as to how to win on slot machines, you must understand the importance of planning for the medium and long term.


How To Win On Slot Machines


You should plan your budgets properly, and it should be good enough to cover the length of the visit to these slot machine outlets. Deciding on simple things like a few days you will be gambling, the time you will be able to will help you to manage your budgets better.


Never Exceed Your Limit


If you are keen on making big money playing slots, you must be ready to lose money too. However, you cannot keep the loose limit open ended. Each day, when you get into playing slots, you must have a clear idea about the amount you are willing to lose in your endeavor to make some big money.



  • For example, if you are on a winning spree on a day and have won double what you have staked, you should stop for the day.


On the other hand, if you are losing you must call it quits for the day once you have reached the limit of loss which you have set for yourself.


It Makes Sense to Have Backup Plans in Place


It always is sensible to have a plan B in place. With ATMs being available around the corner it is likely that you might be tempted to go overboard on a specific day.

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A better option would be to have a backup plan. For example, instead of carrying at ATM debit or credit card, you would do better to carry cash which will help you avoid gambling beyond the limit which you have set for the day.

Using coins rather than currency bills will prolong the period of playing and prevent you from going overboard. It would also help you to avoid making regular trips to the ATM for replenishing your bankroll.


Some Important Strategies


While the above points could be helpful in developing some disciplined habits when playing slots, there also is the need to have some well thought out strategies in place.


Win On Slot Machines


To begin with, it would always be better to choose machines which offer small sized jackpots. The bigger jackpots might look enticing but they are difficult to win and nine out of ten times you will lose in the bargain.

While choosing the slot machines, you also must be doubly sure about the maximum jackpots which they offer. Both machines might look the same, but one could offer 10,000 credits while the other might offer only 1,500 credits.


Go in for the Highest Denomination Possible


It also would always be better to play with the highest denomination which you can afford. This is because slot machines are programmed in such a way that those playing with a higher denomination are given a higher percentage of payouts.

Compared to penny machines, pound machines have a higher payout percentage. The next important thing is to try and play the maximum credits.



Progressive jackpots and bonuses are offered only when the maximum credits are betted. The machines are programmed that way and players should be aware of the same. This is the same even in the case of non-progressive jackpots, and this is also a point which should be borne in mind.


Importance of Betting the Maximum Amounts


Only those who have the guts to bet on maximum amounts can aspire to win big especially in the case of progressive slots.

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It, therefore, makes sense to find out a few slots which are known to offer the best payouts based on the amount that is betted. It would be advisable to look out for slot machines which have the biggest jackpot amount and the highest payout percentages. This is another important point which often is overlooked by many.


Choosing the Right Location Is a Must


Slot machines are there almost everywhere. However, if you are keen on winning big money, you must look for machines which are in a premium location.

Machines which pay out more are generally located in areas which are sophisticated and are visible quite easily. This is where many players flock together. They share their winning experiences, and this motivates others to join the bandwagon.



There are many factors which must be considered when it comes to winning decent money as far as slot machines are concerned. Though, they are programmed to take more and give less if you are a good student of the game it will not be long before you can turn the tide in your favor as a player.


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