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Safebet: Casino and Betting Review

Safebet is amongst the many famous online casinos, that have gained the acceptance of customers over the past many decades. They have today become a well-known online gaming service provider and have a customer based which runs into several thousand.

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It would be, therefore, not a bad idea to know more about the kind of services and facilities which are offered by them. This would help customers to have a fair and transparent view about Safebet bookmaker and then take a decision based on facts rather than being driven by opinions.


Safebet Casino Review


Safebet service their customers with the help of three different casinos and they are Casino Red, Live Casino, and Casino. While the first one is powered by NetEnt, the other two are powered by CryptoLogic and Evolution Gaming.



Those, who have some decent understanding of online gaming and gambling would certainly agree, that the above three gaming platforms are one of the best in the industry.

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Safebet runs all the three online gambling business thanks to the license issued by the jurisdiction of Malta. As of today, US players are, however, not allowed to be a part of this gaming facility which is offered online. This is perhaps because of the rules and regulations that are applicable in the USA.


Amazing Collection of Games


The reason, why Safebet has been able to make a mark for it is because it is known to offer one of the widest choices and variants of games. This is possible because it has two software platforms, that are active side by side. This enables them to offer some of the finest slots which cover the likes and dislikes of both conventional and modern players.


Safebet Games


The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The list of games is quite huge, and it would not be possible to list down the same in a single article.

Apart from slots, Safebet also offers a wide collection of poker variants, roulette games, baccarat games, fruit machines and much more. Hence, customers can be sure, that they will get full value for money at all points of time. 


Safebet Live Games


If you are a connoisseur of online games, then you certainly would like to enjoy the best possible live games. Over the years Safebet has been able to offer a wonderful collection of live games and the list is quite big.



They have some of the finest live game variants of roulette, baccarat, blackjack and other such games. There are numerous live dealers available at all points of time. Therefore, you can choose a table, that meets your specific needs and requirements. The bet sizes are also flexible which perhaps may not be the case in a brick and mortar environment.


Security and Safety Aspects


Safety and security of players a very important role as far as any online gaming site is concerned. Hence, when one reviews and evaluates this site, customers certainly would like to know more about their safety and security aspects.

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It is a service provider, who understands the risk associated with the internet. It has, therefore, taken a few steps to ensure that player safety is never compromised under any circumstances.

All sensitive, confidential and secretive information is superbly protected with the help of a proven, time-tested and certified 128 bit SSL encryption. This is certified by none other than VeriSign. Hence, it would not be an exaggeration to mention, that it is almost impossible for anybody to steal data or other sensitive information.


A Look at The Support Systems


Any online gaming service provider can be only as good as the kind of support system, that it offers to its customers. As far as Safebet is concerned, they give quite a bit of importance to the kind of support services which they offer to their customers.

There are three ways and means by which customers can get in touch with them. Live chat is one of the most simple and proven ways of getting help and support from them. The chat facility can be accessed directly from the Safebet website. Though it is available for significant part of the day, it is not exactly a 24/7 service.




However, if you are British resident, you also have a free telephone number by which you can contact them. There are also email support services and the response time is also quite satisfactory and comparable to the best as per industry standards.

Hence, when everything is looked at in totality one can be reasonably sure, that they offer the best possible support services at all points of time. 


Fairness & Transparency


When you are a part of the gaming facility offered by Safebet, you can be sure, that you will be treated fairly and transparently at all points of time. This is no more live service but is backed by regular third party auditors and some prestigious licensing professionals.



Hence, customers need not have any doubt about the transparency and fairness which they offer to their customers. The live casinos are available for viewing right in front of the eyes of the customers and, therefore, customers can be sure, that the rules pertaining to the randomness of number selection are being followed at all points of time.


Safebet: Advantages & Disadvantages





  • It is powered by some of the most reputed gaming software solutions such as CryptoLogic and NetEnt

  • It has a huge collection of both live and virtual games making them a complete service provider

  • Safebet offers the best of security features and the best possible live chat and other support features

  • They have been proven fair and honest by various independent third party auditors and inspectors.




  • Not available in the USA

  • Poker selection is limited and restricted

  • Live chat facilities not available around the clock

  • Phone support available only for UK-based players.


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