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How to Beat the Bookies? (Tips)

There is no doubt, that gambling and punting by nature is a risky and uncertain way by which one can earn money.

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While many use it as a form of entertainment rather than trying to win the big bucks, there are others who could also be trying to earn a living out of it.

The latter option is extremely risky and there only a minuscule percentage of people, who have been able to beat Rainbow Riches and in almost all cases, they have ended up being in a state of penury and bankruptcy.


Bookies and Gamblers


However, despite the risks and dangers associated with gambling, it continues to be a big money spinner and must worth billions of dollars worldwide. When we talk about gambling, there are basically two important entities. One is the gambler or punter as they are referred to.



The other is the bookie who arranges the entire gambling activities. Bookies are the ones who invest money and take the risk of offering to gamble to those who are interested.

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While the objective of gamblers and punters is to find out ways and means to make big bucks, bookies will always try to minimize the winning options, as much as possible of course within the legal framework.

Hence, if you are a gambler who would like to make a reasonable amount of gambling, then you must find out ways and means by which you can beat the bookies. Is it possible? Let us try and find out answers for the same over the next few lines.


How to Beat the Bookies? (Tips)


The main objective for all gamblers should be to find out ways and means by which they can get the best value for money. It could be in the form of right prices, choosing and tapping the right markets, or even being aware of the right time in which you can bet and much more.

There are some tested and proven ways and means by which this is possible. We will learn more about it over the next few lines.


Know Your Sport Thoroughly


Sports and games are one wide area, where there is huge betting running into millions in terms of numbers and billions in terms of value. However, before getting into sports betting it is important for you to learn the sport inside out. It is not about choosing a team which is now going through a winning streak right now.


Beat The Bookies


It is more about analyzing the team and its performance over the past many months and perhaps even years. It is about looking up the performance of key individual players and the composition of the team.

One should also have a clear idea about the track record of the team when playing at home and outside. Different weather conditions could impact performance, and this should also be known if you are keen on answering the question «how to beat the bookies?»


The Favorites May Always Not Win


It would be wrong to assume that your favorite team will always win. There have many instances where the top ranked tennis players were beaten by rank outsiders.


There also have been instances where the margins of defeats of some of the best teams in the world in football and other games have been unbelievable.

Hence, it would not always be advisable to go by what the bookies are in favor of. You must do your research properly and then decide which you think is in line with overall ground situation and levels.


Shop Around and Then Choose Bookies


The next important point to be kept in mind is to look up as many bookies as possible and then take a decision. There is a big tendency to show brand loyalty, and this should always be kept in mind. Bookmakers try and make use of this emotional quotient and gamblers should be aware of this and perhaps also be wary of it to some extent.



You could see many tempting and attractive tips about, how to beat the bookies being offered by the bookies themselves. While some information contained might be real, it would not be advisable to depend on the same always.

The best way forward would be to try and get as much information as possible. This will happen only when you can look up at least ten to twelve bookies and then plan.


Having Too Many Selections, May Not Always Be Advisable


While having more than one bookie is always a good idea, when it comes to selections, it would be better to be a bit conservative. The fewer the number of selections the better your chances of willing will be.

Further, if you are planning to make big money in betting, you must understand the importance of thinking big rather than thinking small.

How to Beat The Bookies on Mobile

You must restrict to a maximum of three or four teams, and anything beyond that will make you lose focus, and you could end being on the losing side. In fact, bookies often end up paying higher to those punters who bet on single teams and individuals. Hence, this is an important point which always must be kept in mind.


Odd One Prices Temptation Must Be Avoided


If you are keen on a long shot bet, it would be advisable not to go in for accumulator especially when you are the odds-on selection.



By doing this, you will be decreasing the chances of winning as far as the next options are concerned. If you look up blogs and expert comments on the internet and other places the above point has always been emphasized as being very important.


Choosing the Less Obvious Markets Could Be a Great Idea


After having done enough research, you should also consider the possibility of exploring other markets which are offered by books. This will help you to broad base your risk instead of concentrate on one area alone. Hence, there are a quite a few things which you could to do outsmart your bookies


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