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Paddy Power: Betting Site

Paddy Power is one of the biggest gambling companies in the world. By merging more than 40 bookmaker shops in Ireland, they became this huge in 1988. This company is based in Ireland and operates through a list of chain companies across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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Paddy Power Rainbow Riches offers a list of gambling options starting from an online casino, online poker, card games, sports betting, online bingo, etc. This Irish company faced a huge merge recently in 2016 with another popular gambling company Betfair, and together they became Paddy Power Betfair.


Paddy Power: Betting Site


Paddy Power betting is one of the most popular casinos in the world. Due to their popularity, they always come up with amazing offers.



They have some amazing games on their website that they are sure if someone plays one of those games, he will surely get back to the website in future.

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They are so confident about their product that they are offering a $5 bonus for the first timers. The player needs to sign in and can claim the prize money. No deposit money is needed for this claim! The player needs to sign up and can claim their start-up money. What this starts up money is only to try them out.


Customer Support


Paddy Power is always there to help their customers. So, they are offering 24 hours help line for their customers. The instructions are given in English.

Live chat options are available for the customers. They can easily get helped from the customer support staff. For more details on a particularly important point, the players can take help from the email id given on the website.


Paddy Power


Twitter and phone help options are also available. This casino has a wonderful goodwill of responding very fast to their customers. So, the player does not need to wait a lot for the answers. A segment is available on their website with Frequently Asked Questions and answers to those questions. This will surely help players a lot.


Paddy Power: Games


Lots of games are offered by the Paddy Power. Football, cricket, horse racing, Tennis, etc. are common games, and in lots of gambling websites, you will find these games.

But cycling, fishing, darts, motor racing, ice hockey, etc. are available on this website. Undoubtedly this website is one of the top gaming websites of the world. Paddy Power offers some amazing games and other betting options for the players. Politics is something that people talk every time.


Paddy Power  Betting


This gambling website offers to bet on politics as well. Beach volleyball, boxing, etc. are not that popular games but the betting that is associated with this game is wonderful, and people will get more money for these games.

Athletics is one of the most popular gaming formats in the world. Players can place their bet on this pattern of the game as well.


Paddy Power: Mobile Betting


This company is surely one of the most popular gambling companies of the world. Around 2010, this company came up with an iPhone app that enables players to place their bet on this platform.

This enables players to place the bet anytime, any place. So, the convenience will be amazing. On the other hand, for a longer period of time, this was the only apps that were available at the Apple store.



Then Paddy Power came up with apps for iPad and MacBook as well. There are different apps available for Blackberry, Nokia and Android phones and at the same time, they came with a facility that every person irrespective of his position can watch live races on their smartphones.

They also have a mobile website facility where the mobile users that do not have smartphones can place their bet!




They have lots of shops across the United Kingdom, and they have more shops in the UK than in Ireland! In Australia also they have an amazing response, and they are the Numero Uno there.

Now, if a company has so much exposure to the world, can it be a fraudulent company? Paddy Power betting site shares its name with Betfair which is one of the path breakers in the field of gambling. Now, when two big names are taken together, trust comes along with it. Paddy Power has a huge client base across the world.

Due to the amazing fan base and wonderful gaming atmosphere, this company is surely one of the biggest names in the world of gambling. So, people can trust this website. Players can also check the authenticity of this website with the registration number that they have and the recognition that they got from the gambling world.


Paddy Power: Live Betting


Paddy Power gives humongous discounts and promotional offers in case of Live Betting. This is a thrilling experience. Players can place their bets sitting at different countries and feeling the atmosphere of the casino live! This is something same as being in the casino live.



The streaming quality is amazing, and players need to have a strong internet connection to enjoy the live streaming. The graphics that is used on this website are amazing, and the players can enjoy the game with the HD graphics.

The HD graphics will bring the feel of the casino to the computers and mobile phones of the players. The amazing feeling will help the players to enjoy the game to the fullest.


Payment Options


Some options are fixed for the players from UK and Ireland, and some of the payment options are for the players from other countries. Generally, players can deposit to Paddy Power from PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and several other options. Players from UK and Ireland can make their payment through cheques and online transfer as well.

They can redeem their money in the same format as well! People from other countries will have to use some other payment format for their redemption purposes. The pay by mobile feature is only for the people of UK. Such facilities are also available for the people from different countries.

Online payment options such as Neteller, Skrill, etc. will take 1-4 hours of transaction time whereas the transactions made with credit and debit cards will take 2-4 business days!


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