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How to Win on Fruit Machines?

If you are keen on making money, through, gambling and other such gaming activities they, you must certainly have some idea about Fruit Machines. Hugely popular, they are designed in such a way that it is possible for players to get back anything ranging from 70% to 98% of the money which they wager or gamble.

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However, this does not mean that every time you wager something, you will surely get back 70 to 98% of the same. They are designed in such a way that they save streaks of jackpots and pay out big money within a short period of time. But how to win on fruit machines?


How to Win on Fruit Machines?


There are different ways and means by which this done and it could vary from one manufacturer to the other. Hence, the secret when it comes to making money is to find out the right time, when the machines will give out a series of those jackpots.



There are quite a few things which must be learned and only then will the players be able to get an answer to the question how to win on fruit machines?

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Unless the right answer to the above question is found one may not be able to take full benefit of what these machines have to offer.


Where the Money is Paid?


This first thing you must learn is to find out where the money is being paid by these machines. There are many ways by which this can be done, and you must try and find out a machine which is backing.

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This is the reason why you could have many sites refilling these machines. This while improving the chances of winning money will also put to the test the judgmental capacity of the player. They should know how well the machine is carrying on and only then play in it. Playing during the backing period may not be advisable.


Do Not Leave Money Behind


There are a number of players who use different strategies which they feel could answer the question how to win on fruit machines. There are a few, who believe that leaving money behind in the win bank would increase the chances of hitting the jackpot. This theory is built around the logic that money has not been paid out yet.


How To Win On Fruit Machines


This is a wrong strategy. Had this been the case, the machine would have been designed in such a way that it would keep in pushing money in the bank till such time you collected. 

The software does not care whether you keep it in the win bank or take it out. In fact, once you take the money won and put it in your virtual pocket, you stand a better chance of winning.


Know More about Skill Stops


Those, who play on these fruit machines regularly will understand that the machines have skill shops on them. There are basically of two kinds of skill shops. The first one is a true skill. This means that you get paid for what you hit.

On the other hand, there is something known as pseudo skill. This means that the machine has a program which will enable it to stop on its own and will not wait till you hit.



Hence, it is quite possible that you could come across players trying to judge as to what to hit when the lights on and flickering. However, this will not have much difference because everything has been pre-programmed and decided beforehand.

Pseudo skill is something when the machine tries to give some hints and nudges. You might need two nudges to make big money, and you might end up getting one which will not be of much use.


Understanding More about Hi-Lo Reel


Many of the machines also have something known as hi-lo reel. This feature is used to progress in a game with the aim of gambling and looking for bigger wins. It is not related to how bad or good the number is.

The chances of winning on fruit machine would depend on various factors and most important what the machine has decided.


How To Win On The Fruit Machines


There are machines which will lose on a 2 or 11. This is because they have been designed to make you play and find out ways by which you can get your money back. There are different machines that have different approaches.


  • For example, JPM machines are known for losing on some of the best numbers whenever you are near the jackpot.


On the other hand, when one chooses Maygay machines, they will win on 1 to 12, but when it comes to feature games, they usually lose. The reason for this could be quite a few.


The Importance of Cancel Button


Many modern-day machines also have a cancel button. This comes as an added feature. If it is on you can use the random selections and skill stops. Each player, who is experienced would know how to use it these days. Hence, it is becoming quite useless.

The biggest advantage a good player has over a not so good player is that he knows which features to take for having a shot at the jackpot and also for taking a repeat chance.



Usually, this feature will pay an amount which would be dependent on the difficulty level. This will happen in nine out ten cases and only when the machine is an invincible mode will this be prevented.

In fact, invincible machines also can be identified, and this can be done if the logo changes the color. It is usually red in color, or there is the constant flashing of the machine.


Types of Fruit Machines


Choosing the right type of fruit machine will also help you to win more. In the UK, there are two types of fruit machines. The first is the standard AWP or Amusement with Prizes Machines. These are the one comes across in pubs.

The other type is 4-reels, and they are also referred to as club machines. They offer jackpots ranging from £75 to 250, and the stake usually is around 25 pence per each go. This compares well with AWP machines where the stake could be around 30p and could up to 50 p.


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