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Betway Casino Review

Betway is one of the most popular gambling companies of the world. Headquartered in UK and Malta, this multi-faced company has lots of entertainments to offer to the clients residing across the world.

Betway Casino Welcome Bonus

This amazing company has lots of segments such as sports segment, casino segment, live casino, Vegas, etc.

This flagship company sponsors a lot of tournaments across the globe. Being on the sports field, this company is surely one of the biggest and best places for gambling.


Customer Support


Betway understands that to become popular; they need to have a dedicated team that can take care of the existing customers and the new ones.




People have lots of questions regarding the policies of the casino, and that is why this gambling website has a helpline that can reply in more than 15 languages.

The live chat option is available 24X7, and the support staffs are ready to help you with the important information. They generally give prompt response to emails.


Betway Bonus Promotion


This is a technique of attracting new people to the gambling website and keeping the old ones along with the company. New customers can enjoy a 100% match.

This starts up bonus is available for the players that are new in the Betway. Lots of old players make new accounts and try to get the start up bonus.



But this is not available for them. This facility is available for some of the countries only. So, if you are from one of those countries, you can bag that start up bonus.

Play on Betway

Canada, Ireland, UK, Finland, Norway, etc. are on the eligible list. Lots of other countries are also there, and if you are a natural citizen of one of those countries, then you are eligible for the bonus.

In the case of a casino, Betway is offering 100% match up to $250 in the 1st Deposit. 25% match up to $250 in the 2nd transaction and 50% match up to $500 in the 3rd deposit.


Bonus Redemption


To redeem any kind of bonus, the player needs to have an account on the website. Once the account is registered, the player can get a bonus from the Betway.

To redeem that bonus, the player needs to deposit his first amount which is minimum $10. This will allow him or her to retrieve the bonus amount. But the redemption should be done within 7 days of the registration.

The offer is valid only for the customers that are opening an account for the first time. Existing customers with multiple accounts cannot claim a bonus.


Betway Games Offered


They offer some amazing gaming options for their clients. In the sports section, Betway is offering horse racing, football, tennis, etc. these are some of the popular games offered by the website.


Betway Casino Review


There are two popular segments of this website available. One of these segments is the sports segment, and another one is the casino segment. In the casino segment, the player will get Roulette, Slot games and of course Blackjack.

Blackjack is one of the most favorite games of the casino players. For the first time players, they have slot games. Slot games are comparatively easy to play and easy to win.


Betway Live Betting and Live Streaming


When someone is betting from home, he or she sometimes need to feel the thrill of the casino. For that purpose, they try to go for Live Streaming and Live Betting options.

The technology that they use and the graphics that they use are amazing and give an optimum feeling of live gaming.

These features make Betway better than any other contemporary websites. There is an icon on the website, and anyone who wants to place a bet can go and click on the link provided there.


Payment Options


Betway wants its customer to play for a longer period and, whenever, they return to the website, they find a place to play; they must not wait for their turn to come.

They offer a lot of payment options for their players. Once you are there on the website, you can put your bank details and pay the initial amount for playing the game.



After you are done, and your money is finished, if you want to deposit again, you do not need to put your details again. Betway casino saves your details for future use.

So, the registration is for one single time only. Once you are done, you can start playing your game without wasting much time.

You can pay from your Shrill, Paypal, Visa, Neteller accounts. You can also pay from your online bank account.


Protection for the Players


Under aged gambling is unauthorized and illegal in most of the countries. Like so many other websites, this gambling website also doesn’t encourage people under 18 to gamble.

This will not only hamper their studies but also make them fond of the thing and make them gamble dependent from a very minor and tender age.

Whenever Betway faces economic problem for a short phase, they would go to the website and start playing for money!


Betway Casino


So, the website operators ask the players to save their registration and password away from their children.

They are requested to keep their debit and credit cards safely and secretly from their children. This may keep the children away from gambling.

The website also has an age scanner, and the player needs to put his details to go through the security check and start playing the game.


Responsible Gaming


From Betway casino review this is evident that Betway understands the financial condition of the player and thus they offer two important features.

One is ‘take a break’ time. The player can take a break of 1 day to 6 months upon requesting the website.

They can do that on their own by going to their account, or they can request the authority. Once the break period is over, the account will be activated automatically.

The player can ask to decrease the limit of his deposit, or he can ask for an increment, or he can ask for removal!

The decreasing thing will be done instantaneously; the increasing and removal thing will take 24 hours to 7 days depending on the country of the player.


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