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How Does Each Way Betting Work?

If you are keen on knowing more about each way bet, then there is no doubt that you will find the next few lines interesting and informative.

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Is it possible to make money betting each way as far as horse racing is concerned? This is a common question which comes to the mind of thousands of gamblers.

Hence, it would be interesting to find answers for the same over the next few lines. We will try and find out ways and means by which we can have the edge over bookmakers.


What Is This All About?


Many of us do not have much knowledge about each way betting. We often misunderstand it and are misused in the wrong way. This is done by quite a few horse racing punters. While some of them do it intentionally, there are others who have a lack of confidence in just settling for one selection.



Hence, they look at options by which they can spread the risk far and wide and look to get the best benefits out of it.

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There is no denying the fact that when the same is applied logically and sensibly, betting each way could bring in a lot of benefits and advantages. It could be a big tool by which punters can score heavy points against bookmakers repeatedly. This could also help them to win regular profits on a continuous basis.


How Does Each Way Betting Work?


There are no single ways or means by which each way betting can be done. In the case, you have a 12-runner handicap, and you place £ 10 each way taking 8-1 as the base. In case the horse wins you get back £90 in total for the win, and £ 30 will be given back to a place which is nothing but 25% discount against the price for a place. 


Each Way Betting


This will help you to make a profit of 100 GBP against a stake of £ 20 which certainly is a great return. However, on the other hand, if the horse is placed 2nd or 3rd you could end up losing the £10 on the £20 which you have staked.

Hence, this point should be kept in mind, and you will make big money only when the horse you betted win the race. However, you will lose the entire £20 if the horse does not come in the first three.


How to Calculate Each Way Betting Odds?


The key as far as each way betting is to learn how to play in races which are uncompetitive. This is the case where only a few runners can have a reasonably good chance of winning the race or getting into the frame.

How is Each Way Bet Calculated

You must always consider the price of a horse that is being placed. You also must do some research and go through the due diligence process. You must ask yourself the question whether you will be ready to take that price as a bet if it is on its own. This is a crucial decision and could make the difference between winning and losing.


One More Example


If you are betting in a 15-runner handicap and if you wish to place 8-1 odd on a horse whom you believe was unlucky to lose the last time around. You believe that he is a very powerful runner and you are sure that he will get into the lead from a draw that is low.

However, in most cases the odd of 2-1 would be a fair price as far as finishing in the first three places are concerned where 14 other horses are also contesting a race which is a tight handicap.



You also should consider his running style, and be sure that he is blazing the trail right from the start. You must be sure that his only intention is to win the race and not aim for the first three places.

Hence, when you bet on such races which always take the lead the chances of such horses reaching the frame compared to other is much larger and bigger. The calculation of the price of a horse at the end of the day is to reach the frame, and it is far more difficult than going by mathematics and calculations alone.


Tips on Coming Out with Right Betting Strategy


If you are keen on coming out with the right strategy, you must understand one thing quite clearly. The place terms which are offered by bookmakers using some mathematical calculations are not in line with facts on the ground, and they are outdated.


How Does Each Way Betting Work


They are not at all to the advantage of the bookmakers. However, better should understand this and find out ways by which they can exploit the same.

Over the past few years, there are many new and modern systems which have come into practice. This has meant that bookmakers will make use of the latest technologies and come out with some calculations.


Why Do the Above Should Be Avoided?


This will help to arrive at a theoretical margin which considers both win and place. Following this method could not be the right way forward. There has been an awakening for many, and it has proven that in some races players bet wildly and they go overboard leaving no margin at all.



In the case of 16 horse races in the handicap mode, the terms usually are 25% odds for a position anywhere between the first and fourth places. These kinds of prices being offered are not in sync with the actual prices which are worth such races.


When to Bet Each Way?


If you are keen on getting an answer to the question «how does each way betting work? », then you must know when to bet for the same. Towards this objective, you must understand the importance of pre-Betfair. The value available to the thinking punter could be amazing if he or she follows the pre-Betfair route.

There are many bookmakers who were not paying attention to uncompetitive races, and hence this could be the place where each way betting could help a lot.


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