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mFortune Casino Review

When you are in the job of choosing reputed and large online casinos, you have quite a few problems in hand. You certainly come across scores of online sites, and, therefore, the task of choosing one over the other becomes quite difficult, to say the least.

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Amongst the many options available, there are thousands of players who are ready to put their money into mFortune. This is a basically a mobile based casino service provider. They are quite reputed, and over the years they have grown to become one of the largest and reputed mobile based casino service providers.

However, they also provide players with the facility of playing the game using the flash browser. Hence, per many customers, they offer complete and holistic services for all those who wish to enjoy the best of mobile based casino and other gaming services.


mFortune Casino Review


The reason why they have won the hearts of thousands of players across the country and the world is because they use the best of software. mFortune uses their own software, and them software has evolved from traditional arcade games sector.



Hence, they carry with them a rich history of providing players with a host of arcade gaming and online gaming experience. The players can play the games using both smartphone and tablet services. The main language which is used is English.


Regulation and Restricted Countries


The mFortune Casino is regulated and licensed in the United Kingdom, and the UK Gambling Commission is responsible for monitoring and licensing of this gaming site. It is owned by a group known and Intouch Games Limited.

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There is mention of any restricted countries. However, players would be better advised to check whether gambling both online, and brick and mortar are legal in their respective jurisdictions before they register and pay money. The gambling company does not take responsibility for this, and therefore players should be careful before staking their money.


Why Are mFortune So Famous?


There are many reasons as to why they are famous when compared to other. The first reason is that they have a huge collection of virtual games and these include bingo, poker, slot and various other types of table games.


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Since, this is basically a mobile based application players can use Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Blackberry and even Nokia which could be used for accessing this website and playing the required games.

There are many types of slots available, and they include Cat and Mouse, Buster Safe, Which Witch, and Vegas. These are just a few, and one can also get to enjoy many other games.


mFortune Tables Games & Live Dealer


It would also be pertinent to mention that if you are a lover of table games, you do not have many options to choose. You may have to be satisfied with Blackjack, Hi-Lo Poker, European Roulette and a few more games. It also provides dealers with the opportunity of downloading Texas Hold’em Poker.

mFortune Casino Table Games


Hence, at the end of the day as far as poker is concerned, the games can be played almost anytime anywhere. As far as live games and live feeds are concerned, they do not have much to offer. This is an area which needs to be looked into and improved if they are to survive in this highly competitive market.


Support Services


Any good online casino is judged by a number of factors and the kind of support services that it offers. However, going by the standards of services and support being offered by others, many customer mFortune casino review articles believe it does not offer anything big or significant.

mFortune Support


For example, they do not have live chat facilities. Players, however, can get support by email and phone. Further, they also provide a unique text service option. Additionally, they also offer in-app help option which has been appreciated by many players. This facility allows customers to request a callback. 


Fairness and Security


There is no denying the fact that this service provider offers the best of security features for its customers. For example, it uses the most advanced 128 bit SSL, digital encryption option to its customers. Therefore, all confidential and sensitive information is always stored, and it always moves from one place to another in an encrypted format.


mFortune Review


The same is the case with electronic transactions which happen over the internet. There are many mFortune review articles to prove that they offer the most transparent services ensuring fairness to players at all points of time.

All the games being offered by mFortune are verified and tested independently by laboratories. These laboratories are approved by none other than the UK Gambling Commission.


Advantages Worth Mention


  • mFortune offer both mobile based games and online games which can be played using the flash software.

  • The mobile casino is available on almost all smartphones whether they are android based, iOS-based or Windows based.

  • 24/7 call center which operates from the UK is also another takeaway.

  • They are one of the few who offers text call back services.




  • They are not available for US players.

  • Limited selection of games

  • No live chat facilities are available to players.


The Final Word


Though, they may not be the best when it comes to games selection, there are a few positive takeaways which cannot be ignored. For example, this is one of the few gaming service providers who provide a platform that is perfectly suitable for mobile phone players.



Hence, whether you are on the move or spending time in the living room or bedroom, you can play the games without having the need for laptops or personal computers. Further, mFortune is also known for their reputation and goodwill, and the promotional offers, bonuses and prompt payouts are also factors which have to be factored in.

When all these things are taken together and looked at in totality, we can certainly believe that they are a service provider who offers the best value for money to their customers.


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