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More and more people are choosing online casino as an alternative source of employment these days and why not? With a spate of top-ranked bookmakers, putting your stake on a favorite sport online is never easier.

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But don’t forget that, though it may seem smooth and convenient to make money via online betting; one should show steely resolve, cunning strategy, and sharp instinct in order to become richer via virtual wagering. Sometimes, choosing the right bookie can make or break your spell.

The following strategies shall come handy if you are opting to stick to online gambling for a long period of time and amass a mini fortune.


Shop Around and Pick Up a Bookie Like Favbet


Shopping around for bookies is an integral part of betting online. Here, you should look for better avenues by comparing the pros and cons of different bookmakers.

While exciting sign-up deals and bonuses form a significant part of the attraction, you must feel confident within, that you can grasp the terms and conditions of your selected bookie.


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Visiting a betting exchange site like Odds Checker can show the table full of prices submitted by ruling bookies of the market such as Ladbrokes, Favbet.com, William Hill to name a few. Scrutinize them and pick up the prices that go most into your favor. You don’t have to stand by just one bookie.

Just like slot machines have biases towards the house, do keep note that, more-or-less every bookie commands almost 10% or more revenue margin in every match (especially in the game of football). So, if the bookmakers are quite desperate to swing the odds in their favor, why shouldn’t you?

Opening minimum 5-6 free accounts, taking advantage of bonuses and sign-up deals, and also a zeroing on a bookie with proven track record- are part and parcel of the journey. To bet effectively, you have to nurture a research-oriented mind from the day one.


Combine Safe and Risky Bets in Favbet


There is no absolute safety in betting. What a gambler can do is to reduce the percentage of risk by mixing up the top draws with upcoming talents, the well-known markets with the relatively unknown ones, and so on.

There is no point of getting complacent in betting, as this is the biggest threat for any gambler. Favbet will present to you hundreds of gambling markets. Your job is to check out the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent (or lesser) known team; apart doing the SWOT analysis of the top draw.


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Suppose Leicester City is pitted against Manchester City in a football tournament. While going through the live streaming in Favbet UA, if you discard all the players of the former group because their team is poorly ranked, then that would be the mistake.

The team does contain some strong individual players. So a solid research can gift your precious moments on which you can bet to get a heavy return.

Does it sound risky in a traditional way of betting? Of course but the beauty of the game lays in uncertainty, isn’t it? The risk would be much higher and the money gone can be irreparable, if you bet on a league or a sport, you don’t have any idea about it.


Don’t Get Carried Away Easily


Getting carried away when your favorite team is going through a winning spell- is quite common among online bettors.

This phenomenon is mostly visible in sports like football and tennis. While watching the live streaming of a particular football league in Favbet.com or Ladbrokes, do question is your favorite team really talented to win four consecutive matches or is it only for weaklings as opponents?

If latterly is true, then no need to put your stake further on that squad. Rather, spend your money on a line-up that is showing immense potential.


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In similar fashion, tennis is another treacherous game that has led many emotional bettors towards the path of financial ruin.

One can see for himself that, most of the tennis grand slams tend to clump all the top draws together, and then pit relatively unheard of players against them. But do you know tennis is in the black books of many seasoned bettors?

Because it’s payouts are literally crumbled in comparison to football or horse racing, even if you are putting your stake on top ranked players while watching streaming in Favbet live. So, don’t get influenced by patterns easily. Apply your own logic.


Learn Microsoft Excel and Keep a Diary!


Now, this may seem like a bizarre idea at first. But spreadsheets do construct a major part of betting, especially if you are following football in Favbet live.




Calculation skill is the need of the hour from any online gambler, who is in the game to mint some money. Hone up your mathematical skill by getting the hang of MS Excel.

It’s an excellent tool, to sum up numerical- whether you are planning to trade-off or simply for the sake of basic gambling. A site like Bet GPS is a treasure trove to download various Excel-based spreadsheets for free-of-cost.

Are you going for Asian Handicapping in Euro Cup? Then titular spreadsheet from Bet GPS lets you calculate half/full/quarter goal-lines smoothly.

Someone betting through an exchange will find Correct Score Market spreadsheet quite handy. Apart from learning the nitty-gritty of MS Excel, why don’t you nurture the habit of keeping a diary- full of your betting records? Taking online gambling as one of the sources of income, in Favbet UA or any such other bookmaker, is quite addictive.



Sometimes you will forget totally the line between stopping and going ahead. For not incurring a loss, in the long run keeping a record is mandatory. Making money through online betting can be entertaining; given you don’t get perturbed much with winning or losing.

Good spell and bad spells are part and parcel of a bettor’s life. The earlier you accept this rule, the easier it would be for you, to ride the waves of virtual gambling.


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