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Boylesports: Mobile Sports Betting

Ever since it started its operations in 1989, there is one bookmaker in Ireland which has grown by leaps and bounds. It is known by the name Boylesports. Today, they are perhaps the largest bookmaker and online casino in Ireland, and there are many reasons as to why they have been able to reach this position.

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They went online in 2001, and since then their growth story has been even more wonderful and awesome. Boylesports have been able to increase their market share not only in the UK and Ireland but also across the entire European Union.

This certainly is no mean achievement. Hence, it would be interesting to find out the reasons for this success in such a competitive and demanding environment.


Boylesports Review


John Boyle who is the MD of Boylesports believes that providing the best services to the customers is the one and only way by which one can increase market share.



Hence, he has opened hundreds of shops across the length and breadth of Ireland. Additionally, he also has ensured that his company offers the best of phone betting services and through other online sources for their various online products.

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It would be not untrue to mention, that in almost all their endeavors the company has delivered on its promised and has walked the talk, to say the least.

Customers can be sure, that they can enjoy the most competitive odds across a wide range of games and sports. Their horse racing services without any doubt are extremely attractive and top class to say the least.


Boylesports Betting Offers


The reason, why there is growing demand for Boylesports betting is because they offer the most attractive facilities to new customers. They offer £30 as free bonus whenever a customer registers with a new account, and this certainly has won them many hundreds of new customers.




Further, they are also known to offer free bets equivalent to £20 in total when you register as a new entrant and start playing continuously for a period of 4 days. The registration process is very simple, and it can be done quite easily within a few minutes. However, there are some basic wagering requirements which must be kept in mind.


Wagering Requirements


Qualifying bets are those which are placed within seven days of opening new accounts. In other words, only if you wager within seven days of opening the account, will you be eligible for the Boylesports free betting offers.

Further, you must have a minimum stake of 10 to quality for the desired wagering. You also must meet the minimum EVS requirement of 2.0 or above to ensure that you qualify.



The first free bet which you win will be applied to your account within 2 hours of the settlement of qualification. Apart from the year, there are a few other terms and conditions. The best way to know them would be to spend some time on the website and get full details of the same.


Some More Details about Them


Boylesports has more than 800 employees working in Dundalk, where they are headquartered. It is the place, where their 24/7 customer services operations ad phone betting facilities are also housed.

Further, they are regulated by the Isle of Man Government, and they have the best of rules and regulations in place. They are, therefore, considered by many to be one of the best betting services providers in the United Kingdom.


Boylesports Markets and Odds


The reason, why many customers opt for classic Boylesports betting is because they offer the most competitive margins as far as horse racing, football and various other sports are concerned. They are most aggressive in the above two sports, and they also have a decent presence in other major sporting activities too.


Boylesports Betting


They are known for coming out with the best of promotions such as enhanced place positions for some special sports like golf. As far as high profile football matches are concerned, it is quite common for them to take a stand out position on a favorite team. It could be teams like Man City, Real Madrid.


A Look at Their Website


The website of Boylesports has gone through quite a few positive changes over the last few years. Their online offers need special mention. They are known for their user-friendly features, and it also is quite fast and easy to seek out and reach for information.

The homepage has a lot of useful betting information. However, horse racing and football occupy center stage, and a list of meetings is always there for customers to see and act upon.


Customer Service and Promotions


Boylesports are famous for offering a no questions asked 24/7 customer service facility. They also offer live chat facilities, and they have earned the goodwill of players as far as their email and telephone supports are concerned. As mentioned above apart from offering the best of promotions and free benefits their odds offerings are also very attractive.



It also covers golf apart from focusing very heavily on football and horse racing. There is an ongoing promotion which allows players to take back their stake.

This is possible if the horse does not finish the place which the customers have predicted. In the same light if the player or the football team does not win or score a goal as predicted then too there is a chance of getting a refund.

This certainly makes it extremely attractive. As far as BoylePoker is concerned, there is a big sign up bonus of £ 500 when you take the trouble of registering with BoyleCasino.

Hence, they offer some of the best promotional offers both for new signups and for those, who are experienced and those who play regularly. Boylesports are one of the best online betting sites and their growth story has been possible because of the kind of products and services they have always offered to their customers.


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